About the Farm

About the Farm

At Riverland Farm we crop 40 acres of beautiful Connecticut River Valley soil. The main farmstead is located on Route 47 in Sunderland in the shadow of Mt. Sugarloaf and on the banks of the Connecticut River.  This location houses our wash and pack barn, our greenhouses, our home, and a major portion of our farmland. We maintain satellite fields in Sunderland, Montague, and Hadley to make up balance of the land we farm. We grow a wide diversity of fruits and vegetables that we market through several wholesale accounts including producers of value added products,. Also we will distribute winter shares with pick-ups happening at the farm from November till February.  

The farm is an incredibly rich and amazingly picturesque place that is full of life.  It is an intricate weaving of thousands of plants, millions of insects, abundant wildlife, a wonderfully interesting and dedicated staff, and an amazingly supportive community dedicated to eating local. We have a passion for growing high quality organic produce for our local community and communities in Eastern Massachusetts while maintaining the integrity and history of this beautiful place. 


This fertile land we farm has been in agriculture for hundreds of years.  It is prime vegetable soil deposited from glacial Lake Hitchcock during the last ice age. Rob Lynch and Meghan Arquin have been running Riverland Farm since 2007.  Rob and Meghan purchased the Riverland Farm business from Scott Reed and Ferdene Chin-Yee who started Riverland Farm in 1997. Scott and Ferdene started Riverland Farm's CSA program on a smaller scale and ran a roadside farmstand while farming 5+ acres of land. Scott and Ferdene are now neighbors of the farm. We continue to rent their farmland and the CSA distribution building from them and are committed to maintaining the fields and buildings as well as they did for so many years. 

In 2008 we purchased the farm directly across the road from the original Riverland Farm from the Petraitis family. This purchase included a house, 13 additional acres of land and several outbulidings. Charlie Petraitis grew up farming this land growing tobacco, potatoes, cabbage, and onions among other things. We never met Charlie because he died before our time but we've had countless former friends and neighbors of his as well as his brothers Ed and John stop by to tell us that he'd approve of what we are doing here now. 

In 2016 we made a painful and necessary decision to close the CSA and focus on reducing our crop diversity and take back some needed time to focus on quality of life and growing children. We will still be feeding our community through the local markets and producers. We are so very thankful to our members that gave us their loyalty and the honor of feeding their families. 

All of the land we own and much of the land we rent is protected under the Massachusetts APR (Agricultural Preservation Restriction) Program and must remain in agriculture in perpetuity.

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